Health And Safety At Work

Gezer Corporate Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Gezer accepts Occupational Health and Safety as an indispensable necessity in working life. In line with the principle of human value and contribution to society, in order to achieve the goal of "Zero Occupational Accident" and to ensure its continuity, to create a healthy and safe working environment by fully complying with all legal and other requirements from the top manager to all its stakeholders;

  • Aims to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases by sharing experiences, knowledge and good practices,
  • Identifies risks in all operations and takes necessary measures to reduce risks,
  • Organizes the necessary activities, including establishing health and safety committees, to ensure the sustainability of the work and continuous improvement, 
  • Ensures the participation of employees and their representatives in occupational health and safety processes and supports their contribution to their development, 
  • Organizes compulsory and process-oriented Occupational Health and Safety trainings for the formation and development of occupational health and safety awareness,
  • We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization and contribute to the society with Occupational Health and Safety practices.