HR Policy


“Our Most Valuable Asset is Our Employees.”

It is to support Gezer to reach its goals of being the leader of the sector by creating a happy, highly motivated and educated manpower focused on corporate goals and growth strategies, working as a team, participating in process management, open to change, constantly developing, achieving success.

To be a company that supports corporate strategies, is highly productive, dynamic, constantly improves itself, says "us" instead of "me", has a happy, highly motivated and educated manpower and is desired to work with.

To prepare human resources, Gezer's most valuable asset, for the future.

Our Human Resources policy at Gezer is based on five basic principles:
  • Equality,
  • Participatory Governance and Transparency,
  • Continuous Improvement in Working Conditions,
  • Efficiency / Performance Based Pricing,
  • Respect for Human Rights.
Within this understanding, our basic human resources policies are as follows;
  • To support our corporate goals and strategies; Developing and implementing modern Human Resources Systems in line with our values,
  • Developing a participatory Human Resources Policy with the joint efforts of all units,
  • To make our Human Resources a strategic partner as a “value” that should be protected and developed,
  • To ensure that the most suitable and qualified candidates for the position are recruited by accurately determining and analyzing the necessary human resources needs with scientific methods,
  • Working with results-oriented, idealistic personnel who talk about "we" in Gezer, who can take responsibility, who have professional and personal ethics, and who add something new to their intellectual background every day,
  • By integrating individual goals with corporate goals, ensuring the performance development of the employee, rewarding them materially and morally by encouraging them for horizontal and vertical progress,
  • As a continuation of our traditional culture, not to discriminate against race, language, religion, color, gender, political thought and philosophical belief when choosing our employees, to love and respect people because they are human,
  • To own and direct institutional change and development,
  • To create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure the continuity of this understanding in the institution,
  • To identify the weaknesses of our employees, to develop them with various opportunities and benefits to strengthen them, to reward our employees who achieve success above expectations, and to direct them towards continuous (increasing) success.

There are some systems implemented in order to provide a more comfortable, healthy and peaceful work environment for our employees, to continuously improve their work performance and to develop a relationship based on mutual satisfaction. Opinions and feedbacks about the work and working environment are obtained from our personnel by using many internal communication tools, especially the Employee Satisfaction Survey. Necessary work is done to reach the targeted level of satisfaction.

  • Open door days with the Employer's Representative so that our company personnel can easily convey their problems and have them resolved quickly,
  • football tournaments,
  • Suggestion System,
  • Borrowing for Necessary Needs,
  • Health checks of our employees by our workplace health unit,
  • Healthy food based cafeteria
  • Appreciation and Reward System,
  • Birth Assistance,
  • Marriage Assistance aims to increase their motivation with its applications.