Application Process



The main principle in personnel selection and placement is to provide candidates with the competencies required by the job, without discrimination or privilege, to advance under equal conditions.

It prioritizes the competencies of Success and Result Orientation / Speed / Entrepreneurship / Communication / Teamwork / Developing Oneself and Colleagues / Adapting to Change and Managing in the recruitment processes.

Candidates who want to work at GEZER can apply through

As a result of the evaluation made after the applications, candidates suitable for the qualifications and competencies of the position are determined among the candidates. Candidates who are eligible as a result of the initial evaluation are invited for an interview by the Human Resources team.

After the interviews, the personality inventory test is applied to the candidates who are deemed appropriate by the Human Resources and the manager they are affiliated with. The process ends with reference checks by Human Resources. At the end of all processes, job offers are made to eligible candidates.

Orientation Program is organized for the newly joined employees to adapt to Gezer quickly. A letter of appreciation is sent via e-mail to other candidates who prefer GEZER.